Our History

Rouillard Concrete Construction set the bar high for three decades, developing a reputation for excellence in products and craftsmanship. Families and general contractors in the Low Country and surrounding areas have relied on them over time to deliver outstanding work in a customer-centric environment.

The RCC Difference

The torch has since been passed to us, RCC Construction Company, LLC, bringing the same high-quality results while expanding our operations to serve the community better. We have added more services and skilled technicians to an already thriving business. This makes it simpler to take the remarkable project you’ve imagined or that is on your books for a client and make it a reality.

The RCC Team

Our project management team was hand-picked from a select group across the United States. RCC’s all-encompassing skill sets didn’t happen overnight. We’ve built on the basics and continue to grow, making the RCC experience outstanding. We know that every member of our team is essential. Each aspect of every job needs to have every “t” crossed and “i” dotted from the start to the clean-up that must happen every day before we head home. When our crew goes home for the day, your job site will be clean.

Having highly skilled technicians and project managers for our masonry, concrete, and carpentry jobs brings peace of mind to general contractors and homeowners. RCC has solid teams with outstanding communication skills. It starts when we answer the phone when you call.

Timing Is Everything

This has made our problem-solving in the field well-known among engineers, architects, and suppliers. Synchronizing a construction job site is no small task. We consider the weather, delivery schedules, time to draw permits, and factor in some wiggle room because we all know a glitch can come up in life and certainly on a job site. Working together to achieve success and customer satisfaction is our lifeblood.

Our Base Camp

The expansion of RCC has allowed us to implement new technology and techniques. Our shop isn’t just a small storefront. It’s more like a contractor’s utopia. We have an over seven-acre base camp in Beaufort, South Carolina. We’re proud to be able to offer more services and slow down your wait time due to our expansive facility. In addition to an office, the RCC base camp includes a fabrication shop, machine shop, vehicle yard, material laydown yard, fueling station, and a wood shop. Our infrastructure allows us to complete numerous repair and maintenance tasks daily without leaving the facility.